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Climate Downscaling Data

Thank you for your interest in the Delta Downscaling Package (written in Matlab). The methods implemented in this package are described in:

1. Mosier, T., Hill, D.F., Sharp, K.V., 2014, "Very high resolution monthly climate surfaces with global land coverage," International Journal of Climatology, v.34(7), pp.2175-2188.

2. Mosier, Thomas M., 2015, “Characterizing Linkages Between the Climate, Cryosphere, and Impacts on Run-of-River Hydropower in Data-Sparse Mountain Environments.” Dissertation. Oregon State University.


The Downscaling Package is distributed with the minimal inputs necessary to produce a 30 arcsecond monthly precipitation grid for June. Full input datasets must be downloaded through the respective organizations that have produced them. Instructions on how to access some of the input data compatible with the Downscaling Package are provided in the associated user manual.


Both the Downscaling Package and associated user manual are available upon filling out the form below.