Global Climate Data distributes tools written in MATLAB related to climate, hydrology, and hydropower. These tools can be used to (a) create 30-arcsecond (approximately 1km) grids of hindcast (20th century) and projected (21st century) precipitation and temperature data for and global land area; (b) produce gridded surface runoff estimates, and; (c) evaluate the hydropower potential at any site of interest. These processes utilize globally available gridded data (terrain, climate, etc.) which allows the tools available here to be applied with equal ease for any global land area. All of the tools are open source and available on this site free of charge.
The tools provided here are described in the following publications:
1. Mosier, T., Hill, D.F., Sharp, K.V., 2014, "Very high resolution monthly climate surfaces with global land coverage," International Journal of Climatology, v.34(7), pp.2175-2188.
2. Mosier, Thomas M., 2015, “Characterizing Linkages Between the Climate, Cryosphere, and Impacts on Run-of-River Hydropower in Data-Sparse Mountain Environments.” Dissertation. Oregon State University.
3. Mosier, T., Hill, D.F., Sharp, K.V., 2016, "How Much Cryosphere Model Complexity is Just Right? Exploration Using the Conceptual Cryrosphere Hydrology Framework," The Cryosphere, 10.5194/tc-2016-17. 
4. Mosier, T., Sharp, K.V., Hill, D.F., 2016, "The hydropower potential assessment tool (HPAT): evaluation of run-of-river resource potential for any global land area and application to Oregon, USA," Renewable Energy, doi:10.1016/j.renene.2016.06.002.
Ongoing updates to this website are made.  Please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Mosier (mosier.thomas@gmail.com) with questions on how to use these tools, comments on this work, or suggestions.